03 October 2008

all is not fine

Last night I had dinner with Friend C at a place 2 blocks from my office. I walked up there at about 7:45pm and it was pretty dark and slightly scary for like half a block. That's when 2 cops on horses passed me and I felt like everything was ok. Everything was ok until I looked down from those horses and realized there was a trail of shit on the sidewalk for at least 10 feet. It was big. It was gross. And it got me thinking, who cleans that shit up?


Daniel Vasey said...

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside. I mean...the govt DID just "bail" us out of the largest financial catastrophe they EVER created. :) Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside...huh?!

Matilda said...

Good Question! and I certainly hope you didn't step in it!
Sending love across the ocean.