28 October 2008

her closet was our wonderland

Weird that yesterday I was trying to get a hold of my Mom but couldn't so when I was writing my post I thought I'd put a shout out to her. Of course she called today (not weird).
Weird again is that Mom needs change too - big change - but she's not sure what... she didn't even read yesterday's post. What's going on?

So this past weekend I was hanging out with Friend A (of Team AE) doing girl stuff; movie, lunch, shopping and a baby shower. We happened to be near the Kate Spade store so we went in to see My Bag... you know... the one I didn't get? Well, it was GONE! AND they were having a friends and family sale! Apparently I now qualified as a either a friend or family.
Sad day turned happy, my new friends (or family) at Kate Spade searched all the surrounding stores until they had located my bag in Topanga or some other far off land. So I got the bag.
Aunt M was right, why not both? It arrived today and it couldn't be more perfect.
Wierd = the card inside had a little quote on it:
"she thought of her aunt often...
patent boots, cherry red lipstick,
and forever mischievous."

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Matilda said...

WOW! How amazing is all of that?!

Sending love across the ocean!