08 May 2008

and then i flew a kite

Yesterday I ran into old classmate C. This is odd and it isn't odd.

Odd - C and I only went to school together for one year. I was in the 7th grade and he was in the 9th grade. This was not anywhere near where we both live now yet somehow we have managed to "stay in touch" over the past 18 or so years. We were never particularly close and we still are not.

Not Odd - I've known that C has lived out here the entire time I have and we've met for drinks and we've run into each other before. I've actually seen him at the gym before which is where we ran into each other yesterday.

Twelve year old me had a crush on C. Fifteen year old me grew to disdain C. Eighteen year old me became indifferent, which is where I stand now.

Ok, so there's this thing about C - he always asks about money and how much I'm making. I'm honest but not brutally so. I do very well for myself out here and so does My Heart - that's all anyone needs to know. C has been a struggling actor for years. But as uncomfortable as the money question was/is there's more. He said I looked matronly. Ouch.

I admit I haven't been feeling that well this week and it's been freezing in my office. That combination led to new short & sassy hair in disarray, comfortable clothes (including a VERY grandma-ish sweater), little to no makeup and a an over-all tired look. But matronly!? That's no way to say hi to an old pal. Come on now. I didn't look that bad. Or did I?

The thing is, even if I did look that bad, I honestly don't care. I'm in a really great place in my life and I don't feel the need to impress anyone. Even if C tried to make me feel old and grown up - as he so gently put it, "Life is done with you." I think life is just getting good. Sad that he may never know what that feels like.

Oh, but I did forget to mention that C will be in a Hallmark Channel Original Movie this month!

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Matilda said...

Sounds to me like C needs to do a little bit of growing up and maturing. Maybe C needs to get happy.
Sending love across the ocean.