09 May 2008

with eternal love and gratitude

Today I had an amazing experience thanks to Friend G & Aunt M... I went to the chiropractor!!!

I haven't been feeling that great the past year. Aunt M suggested seeing a chiropractor. Friend G suggested seeing Dr. Cari.

I think I'm in the midst of a break through. Dr. Cari is no ordinary chiropractor. She is also a doctor of Holistic Medicine.

When I left her office this morning I felt like I was high. I felt like my body was floating. I felt like I was on good drugs. I think this is the start of something great.

My only problem is that she actually works in Illinois and only comes out here everything month or two. Still, I think she's going to be worth the wait.

1 comment:

Matilda said...

Yay! You went to see a chiropractor. It's all about your nervous system... when your spine is aligned your nervous system is able to work to it's full potential. I'm so pleased that you found a chiropractor you really like.
Sending love across the ocean...