17 May 2008

what is that refreshing smell

Ahhh, the start of another weekend. I love waking up in the morning and not totally dreading work. I love going to bed on Sunday night not completely upset with the prospect of going to work in the morning. But I still LOVE my weekends more!

We are going to another music festival of sorts this weekend. We will take another jaunt around town to check on some open houses. And we will spend some time with friends catching up on the Indy trilogy before #4 comes out.

It sure is Spring and our schedule is in full swing! Even though we live in Southern California we still have a tendency to hibernate in the winter. It's amazing how you don't realize what you haven't done until you can feel the dawn of Spring near. You feel restless and kind of sad because you don't do anything. But then it hits like a wave and the schedule fills up again. Can you believe that next weekend is Memorial Day already!?

So friends, call me or email me because my time is going fast ;-)

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Matilda said...

Your time is going fast and then you will be here! and it will be winter! you will love it and have a great time!
Sending love across the ocean!