06 May 2008

sad but true

I was exploring the Anonymous Photo Project's website again today and found that I was blogged about! You can see for yourself...

I've got to come up with a couple of creative places to drop my LA cameras this weekend (or maybe next). I should have done one or two at Coachella. Oh well. I'll have to find another place where the cool kids hang.

I really want to see Iron Man and Speed Racer this weekend. Each of these looks mindlessly entertaining and I think they could give Transformers a run for its money as my all time favorite in theater action movie experience. I sound like such a nerd! Whatever. I could have sat and watched that movie a second time directly after the first time. I thought it was that great.

I heard that the new Americana at Brand has movie theaters. We can kill two birds with one stone - since I also want to check out the Americana.

I think this is going to be a great summer for movies. The Dark Knight looks awesome and everyone is pumped for Indy 4 (I'm still undecided as I've never really been a fan). There's already a list of movies I still want to catch; Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Baby Mama, The Hammer, Son of Rambow. I love the feeling of spending a hot summer afternoon or evening in a dark cold room with a bunch of strangers all there for the simple task of enjoyment.

I love enjoyment.

Oh, speaking of enjoyment... my puppy is getting his balls chopped off today. Wish him luck!

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Matilda said...

What an interesting life you lead dearest niece! And Kaz didn't like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"... just fyi.

Sending love across the ocean.