22 May 2008

god bless jessie spano

I'm in a particularly good mood today and I'm drinking a cup of coffee this morning (a rarity for me these days - the coffee not the good mood). It makes me think of this, one of the greatest moments in television history:

My Heart and I watched Enchanted last night instead of going out to Verdugo Bar with some friends. I hate to be those kind of people that flake out every time but I really haven't been feeling well and it was nice to stay in, cook a meal together, open a bottle of wine and watch a movie. It was a cute movie too.

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Matilda said...

I have the best husband in the world but I am very sure he would not watch that movie with me... I saw it on my own at the cinema and agree that it is very cute... when you have your husband... he's going to be the best husband in the world because right now, he's the best fiance' in the world!!!!