02 May 2008

blanketing me from the cold

Life is crazy.

Last week I found out that an old friend from High School (S) recently lost her mother to cancer. I know that S now lives in So Cal.

When I moved to LA a friend of a friend (H) came out here as well and we were roommates for a brief but exciting period. H moved back home after a few months but is also now living in So Cal again.

Turns out that S & H are now friends with each other.

I contacted Friend E (she originally set me up with H) whom I've known almost my whole life but haven't talked to in years. I did this partially to catch up (I mean, come on now - it was only her sister and me that stood up in her wedding) and partially to find out about S & H.

Right now I'm not in a state where I would be comfortable enough to befriend either S or H again (for completely personal reasons) but you never know what the future can hold. There were 2 very different times in my life when I loved each of them dearly.

Love lost not forgotten. One thing is for sure, it will be really great to catch up with Friend E again.

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