20 May 2008

do i smell cake

This is a record breaking day!

I have now had more posts in the month of May than any other month in the short history of my blog! I have been aiming to do a new post every other day so that people like me would have something new to read more often than not.

I am one of those people who reads my list of blogs religiously every day. Actually, I should say that I check them religiously every day - there isn't necessarily something new to read each day. Ok, in all reality I check them multiple times a day in the hopes of something new - hence the name of this blog. I am addicted.

I know people are busy. You all have lives. That's why I love reading your blogs. To see into your lives. I just wish there was new content more often. I think Sarah's Fab Day does a pretty nice job of keeping it new. Thanks Sarah.

So I hope I have done the same for you. I hope that you are just as excited to read my blog because of it's new (and entertaining?) content being posted on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading!


Matilda said...

I love your blog... I want to add to mine more regularly. I will try harder.
Did I tell you there is a Dough Bouy here... is that where you get your yummy red cupcakes?
I wonder if they have those here. I will have to check it out. I might wait for you to be here and we can check it out together.
Sending love across the ocean!

the girL said...

Mmm... yes, let's check it out together! The Dough Boys here has a wonderful red velvet that comes in a mini-cake (a bit larger than a cupcake).