15 May 2008

feeling the void

Last week My Heart and I went to our first set of open houses. We are months away from buying but thought we might as well start looking.
I've been online looking at houses today so that we can go to some more open houses this weekend. There's one that's perfect but the neighborhood is questionable. And another that's perfect and in a great neighborhood but is slightly above what we want to pay. What ever will we do? This is going to be difficult and so much fun. Too bad looking only makes me want to have a house NOW!

Today is friend Mrs. Team A E's birthday. YAY! Happy Birthday Mrs. Team A E... see you tonight at the Cozy Inn.

My Heart saw Metallica at a benefit show for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music last night at the Wiltern here in LA and had a blast. I got the gift bag. Thanks honey!
You can totally see him in this video - he's the super tall one on the right hand side of the screen that pops into view every now and again.


Matilda said...

Oh the benefits of being tall!

the girL said...

We wouldn't know anything about that would we!

Weena said...

I watched this video for 47 seconds before I realized that I was looking for him on the left, not the right... Grad school does not make me smarter.