19 May 2008

and how was your day

Ok, ok... point taken. Bees are good. I'm sorry bees. I love your honey. I love all your hard work. Why can't you just chill the f out though!?

Weekend was good. Hot, but good.

Captain Little Bear graduates from the Perfect Puppy Academy tonight. He was also in a commercial shoot last week and did better than all the other dogs. Maybe we should get him an agent...

Now I'm settling in to my week. Didn't have a very productive day at work today - albeit not entirely my fault. Personally I feel very tired which in turn leads to feeling unmotivated. I find that when I'm in this place (which has been off and on lately) it really reflects physically with me. I'm not that comfortable in my outfit today as it looks kind of mom-ish and not very put together. I let my hair air dry and I have no make up on. On top of that I have really bad eye allergies that make my eyes puffy and red. I'm just not feeling that great about myself.

Dr. Cari is working on helping me tell myself that I am doing my best. I'm currently in the space where my brain is trying to convince me to do my best which is just setting myself up for failure.

I am doing my best.

It's hard to convince myself of that. Although, I really wanted to eat Taco Bell today but instead went to the Nite Moon Cafe at Golden Bridge Yoga. And while I did indulge in a vegan PB&J cup I also had a vegan burger with a side salad instead of nachos bell grande and a burrito.

Baby steps...

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