10 August 2010

this tree of sap

Yesterday was My Heart's birthday. He caught up to me and jumped in with both feet :-)

We spent Sunday on the island of Catalina in the town of Avalon celebrating. There were delicious meals, zip lining, new shoes and golf carts involved. I'll post more of that fun later.

Right now I'm here to tell you that I am completely and utterly, head over heals in love with My Heart. He's amazing. I'm lucky. We're wonderful.

As I was reading through some of my daily blogs I clicked on all the links from a particular friend's follow list just to browse and my eye was caught by this one, Pictures of the Floating World. It hasn't been updated in nearly a year but the last post was poetic and spoke to where my head is today. You should read it, Be In A Love Period Right Now. And know that I have found my Art.

When My Heart was laid off in May he decided to do a 2 week long road trip, visiting a few state parks with his Dad. It was a wonderful opportunity and I completely supported it but I was lonely with his absence. So I began sending him my own handmade personal e-post cards. I've thought about sharing them on here but want to keep them intimate, just for the two of us, so I haven't.

Today My Heart shared with me a wonderful email his Dad had sent him, a birthday story of sorts. It made me cry it was so full of love. Another thing I thought about sharing here but thought better of.

So instead today I'm sharing with you this, I love My Heart and hope that you will know this love in your own way, if not today than some day.

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