13 August 2010

lost in the trees

It was kismet... a grumpy morning drive listening to a random burned copy of a random unknown band on my way to the office. The urge to find them, listen to them live, in this big city I live in where anything is possible.

As the day went on and the grumpiness settled into it's groove an opportunity arose; this same band, playing up the street after work and I was invited. $2 to see possibly some of the most talented musicians play 3 songs live. Absolutely worth it and possibly life changing.

We arrived late and so we didn't get to see the full set but what we did see was amazing. For the final song all 6 members unplugged and came out into the crowd to perform completely acoustic. It brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful.

I have been lost this week and I wandered long enough to find these guys:


If you have never heard of them just listen to this please and tell me it's not beautiful...

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