04 August 2010

put our service to the test

As I was looking through my NYC photos today this popped out at me:

This was taken from the High Line, a great idea for reusing space and creating a park in the city. We went in Winter when not much was green and it was still beautiful but more on that later.

Instead I wanted to point out to you the Diane von Furstenberg building in the Meatpacking District. It's got the brightly colored floating lips and the iconic DVF just like her website and that gorgeous triangular dome on top.

I loved so many of the views from the High Line but I am a girl at heart and my heart loves me some DVF!

If you aren't familiar with her work check out her line of wrap dresses. She has been given credit for creating this simple yet feminine design that works for almost any body type. I've also been told that she carries up to a size 14 in this very store. Gotta love a high fashion designer looking out for the ladies!

Also, Gilt is having a Diane von Furstenberg shoe sale today. If you aren't a member of this designer discount sale site then be my guest: www.gilt.com/invite/thebloggirl


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