20 August 2010

diving beneath

It's Friday and I know that I haven't blogged much this week.  So here's a few tidbits for you readers out there...
  • Work is fun when you have a purpose
  • I miss pilates
  • My sanity comes and goes but My Heart sticks with me through it all
  • You don't need 100 friends as long as you've always got someone to turn to
  • There are a lot of really great people writing blogs
As you can probably tell from a few of my most recent posts, I've been in my dark place but I think I'm coming out of it.  It helps to go to work and feel needed, to fight with your partner and still be okay with each other and to have friends that you can always turn to for an ear and a shoulder. 

Also, the creativity of others is really inspiring.  I've been reading a few new blogs lately and it really lifts me up to see what people write about, what they do.  I'll be updating my blog lists in the next week or so and I encourage you all to wander through some of these blogs and see what they're all about.

Three years later and I'm not so sure what this blog is all about.  Sometimes it makes me sad that I've been doing it this long and don't really have readers other than friends or family.  But then I remember that the purpose of most blogs is a bit selfish and so I embrace that.  This is for me.  I enjoy it.  If I didn't, I would quit.

And so I leave you with this:
Meet the Seabreacher X


Erin said...

I struggle with the same two opposing desires: To write for myself but to also have more readers. I think there are amazing blogs out there -- including yours -- that just haven't been discovered yet and have only a few readers. The networking that's required to get discovered is exhausting, so I've almost thrown in the towel. Almost.

the girL said...

Thanks for stopping by (and for the compliment) Erin!
I'm not even sure where to begin the networking but I'm happy to just be blogging!

Matilda said...

Don't ever stop blogging! I love what you write, I love you.