06 August 2010

pleasantly plump

It started with Dove and their Campaign for Real Beauty.

And now Girl Scouts has started a program called uniquely ME! in order to further spread this message to our youth.

Together, the Girl Scouts/Dove Self-Esteem Program is helping girls and women of all ages build self esteem. As a female who's struggled with this exact issue almost her whole life I say, Bravo!


Weena said...

Do you remember when we were going to start a magazine and have all "regular" women be our models? I remember brianstorming about it while sitting at my desk at IPI. Seems like a lifetime ago...

I love these new ads! I second that "Bravo!"

Summer said...

Good for them - I only hope I see more of that stuff in the future. I was looking at some "scary skinny" pics on HuffPost today and thinking how depressing it is that THAT has become our obsession - it's SO unhealthy. It's sad that we can't all just look the way we look and be fine with it. I mean - be healthy, but for f*ck's sake, enjoy your life. Eat a burger now and then.

You know what I mean. Hurrah for your post! :D