20 August 2010

long way round

Speaking of blogs... I was just reading A CUP OF JO (one of my favorites) and saw these super cute puzzle boards!  But that is besides the point, I was gonna leave a comment and so I started reading through the ones people had already left.  Someone kinda gave her shit for posting about these because apparently they're old news.  But that is ALSO besides the point!  Of course I clicked on that someone's blog and their post today reminded me of something I forgot to tell you about our trip to NYC...
A co-worker had just visited New York right before we did and he suggested we check this place out.  Now, I 'm not one who really enjoys donuts so I wasn't that excited about it.  But My Heart could probably live off the things and it was only a couple of blocks from our hotel so we just had to check it out.  I'm lucky they don't have one here in LA because they were AMAZING.  I had a Tres Leches and a Creme Brulee donut (they're small, cut me some slack!) and I can't remember what My Heart had because I was so caught up in the deliciousness of my own tasty treats.  If you're ever in the city I highly recommend stopping by this joint for some fresh goodness.


kaitlin said...

Why, hello there! I'm that someone! The Doughnut Plant is insane. I'm so dying to go back there.

My intent of the comment on Joanna's blog wasn't that they were old news, but that where she found them wasn't the original source. More a matter of correctly citing the source than the content.

Anyway! I'm glad you mentioned it here, because someone else found my blog and then I found you! Your blog seems quite lovely and I can't wait to hear more about your adventures and lovely shopping finds!!

the girL said...

Hi Kaitlin! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm sorry to have taken your comment the wrong way but I appreciate you clearing it up.

Happy Friday!
Mmmm, now I'm dreaming of donuts again <3