13 August 2010

on pain and hope

"When I say I'm fine... stay"

It's this line that caught my eye in a random sea of Facebook statuses and updates. It was posted by To Write Love on her Arms as an introduction to a new project in the works with Six Word Memiors.

Can one really sum it all up in only 6 words? I've been trying all morning to figure my 6 out. I think about when all the darkness started, where it came from and where it goes. The first time I hurt myself and the strong desire that I resist to this day. My happiness that is more true now than ever but still doesn't over shadow the sadness and anger. Who am I and who am I becoming? Where is this road going to take me? Today the answer is so grey. And so I guess those are my 6...


Weena said...

"The dark place will not win."

the girL said...

that's really good G