03 August 2010

i want to go to there

Ah, August. It sneaks up on ya! I'm still reveling over some of my photos from our NYC trip in January. It was our Christmas gift to one another and it was perfect - cozy & romantic, full of excitement and adventure and COLD! I think the next couple of blog posts will be pieces of that trip. Sorry to be so behind on this sort of thing but I hope you can enjoy it anyway...

We got a great deal on our hotel at a bargain website called Jetsetter (click on the link to be invited to join). The hotel was on the Lower East Side and was quite hip (maybe too hip for us!) - Hotel on Rivington.

I loved the views though and the windows in the bathroom fogged up when you took a hot shower so it really felt like Winter! Which makes me think I wouldn't really want to shower there in the Summer since the shower is along the wall of windows in the bathroom... I'm sure people can see in no matter what they say.

(My Heart brushing his teeth before bedtime)

We were in one of their suites so we had a separate little sitting area right when you walked in... with a view of course.

But the coziest place was definitely the bedroom! The bed took up almost the entire space and was surrounded by windows. It was gorgeous.

And every night they left a different little baked good with turn down service!

(My Heart enjoying a sweet treat!)

I'm still vowing to learn the ins and outs of this camera. After looking through the photos from this New York trip I'm a little disappointed with them. I fancy myself an amateur photographer but you'd never be able to tell looking at these. Guess another trip is in order!

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Weena said...

The view from that bedroom is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see more photos from your trip!