27 August 2010

loafing around

Ok, not gonna lie... I bought these:

I felt guilty about paying so much for a pair of shoes but I absolutely loved them. I knew however, that the fit needed to be impeccable in order for me to keep them. Unfortunately it was less than. So I returned them, relieved to get my money back but sad that I would not have gorgeous two-toned loafers for the fall.

Then the September issue of Real Simple came out and they had a page of loafers and my two-toned beauties were there, only instead of the $295 price tag it was a mere $79! The shoes in the magazine were from Bass and so I immediately went to their website and purchased these:

But if you'll look closely, the price tag is only $69 instead of the $79 I saw in the magazine. Of course, I just think I've scored an even better deal and go ahead and buy them. All week I've been counting down until Friday just to get my new shoes and write this blog post about them... And that's when I realize it was actually these I MEANT TO BUY!

UGH. Damn it! Well, the Brookfields arrive today and who knows, maybe I'll love them so much I won't care that they're not quite the right loafer. And if I don't love them I will just send them back to Bass and get the Casell instead. You know what they say, third time's a charm!


Weena said...

As I was looking through my recent issue of Real Simple I also saw those black and white loafers and I thought of you! I remember you telling me about the ones you wanted! I hope you end up loving the ones you bought!

The real L.A. love story. said...

nice to "meet" you. i'm liking the fashion slant to your blog and look forward to reading more. :) and those shoes!!

Matilda said...

You crazy shoe loving girl! I hope you love them.