09 September 2008

who has the heart

Today was unusual in that I left the office for lunch. I was actually a bit lost in what to do with myself. I had put a call in to My Heart but he was busy. I decided to go to the book store and eat with a new read. I drove because it's LA and it's hot and I have heels on and I'm lazy. At the meter there was a shiny new quarter sitting on top waiting for me to put it in. I went into Borders and wandered forever but couldn't find what I was looking for. I didn't know the name of either book or the name of either author even though they are father and son. Luckily, the staff were crafty and knowledgeable and good investigators/hunters. We found both books. Correction, they found both books - Tweak by Nic Sheff and beautiful boy by David Sheff. I bought them both. I was going to go to this little Thai place and pick up something to go but passed a Japanese place on my way back to the car. I went in with the intention of taking something from there to go. I ended up sitting at a table for four - just me and my books. The food was good but the service was relaxed. I ate and I read and finally I left. Walked to my car with the intentions of paying back the quarter to the next meter parker. But I had a ticket. A stupid parking ticket. But thanks for the quarter anyway, it was nice.


Matilda said...

service was very relaxed... love the polite way you say "not very good"... if that's what you meant. I will have to remember that one... as service here is mostly very relaxed always. Expect on the lunch tram!!!!

the girL said...

They were good just really slow, so I say relaxed because I didn't want to imply that it was bad!