18 September 2008

solace in the equinox

Dear Fall,
I miss you old friend.
The comfort of your crisp air and vibrant colors no longer here for me.
Where did you go and why so far away?
Oh, you say, it was me who left?
I am sorry dear one for I miss you more than the others.
I miss the passing of the summer months with the hope for something fresh and new.
I long to take in the deep clean breaths of your cold but not yet frozen air.
To feel that change once again seems from so long ago.
To go back to those times... those good times.
Of family and of friends.
Of the familiar and the unknown.
My dearest fall.
How can you ever forgive me leaving you, my favorite, for something so unworthy.
If only you would bring me back with open arms and love me the way I love you.
Yours Always,
the GirL

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