19 September 2008

shooting stars

My Dad sent us girLs an email describing Luc's last day and I loved it so much I thought I'd post it. Poor one out for our old friend...

Well its been a week now and i'd thought i'd send out an update.
Luc spent the last night on earth cuddled up in a blanket in my arms. We stayed up until 2:30 having a few drinks and reminising about old times. We shared a few laughs, some tears and some bacardi. Then I put Luc to bed with Mooshie. The next morning Luc was all excited to be going for a car ride. Made me second guess the decision as he picked his little head up and wanted to stick it out the window. He loved car rides. But when we got to the vets office, he just lay there with no energy and when the vet. came in, right away he agreed it was time. Made me feel a lot better about the decision. Luc went peacefully, the last words he heard ( or I hope he heard cuz you know he was deaf) were "You're a good boy lukie boy" as I held him for the vet.
Mooshie's just loving all the attention that he's been getting, new haircut, extra walks and cuddling, double the treats (he especially loves double the treats, he potties twice as much just to get a treat!!) The first couple of days he would bark in his kennel, just sit there and bark. I think he realizes now that Luc isn't coming back.
The vets office called on monday to say that Luc's ashes were ready to get picked up. Wasn't ready to do that yet. Not till Thursday. Mooshie and I went to go get him. Mooshie doesn't know how to ride in a car, he's afraid to stick his head out the window and all he wants to do is sit in my lap!! Well we picked them up and i tried to tell mooshie that it was luc, but he didn't buy it. Wasn't sure how i would feel picking up luc's ashes but actually when i put them on the mantle above the fireplace, it was a good feeling, cuz luc's home again. and he'll always be home.
M, love the picture on the post on the blog.


nicknkaz said...

I thought that was just beautiful and so sweet. It is hard to lose a treasured friend. But enjoy the memories :). xox karen

Weena said...

I had to read this several times because I kept crying and couldn't read through the tears...

Do you think Luc and Ginger are friends in doggy heaven?

the girL said...

Luc and Ginger are best friends