22 September 2008

never say never

I NEVER post twice in one day but this is an occasion that calls for it...



Matilda said...

Thank you Niece that I LOVE! It's been a great birthday!

the girL said...

I have a little birthday surprise here for you... I just need to put it in the mail!

Matilda said...

Another surprise?!!!! Guess what arrived today... the BEAUTIFUL box from Neiman Marcus... I love it! I can't wait for PJ to see it... I couldn't wait for him to come home to open it... I was too excited!
THANK YOU soooo much. I love it! I am going home tonight to take photos of it! Did I tell you I LOVE IT!?
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

Happy Birthday Aunt M! I think of you EVERY time I put my underwear on!


Matilda said...

Oh Daniel! I'm soooo pleased!

ps-you will have to check out my blog in a couple days time and see what that beautiful niece and her wonderful fiance' sent to PJ & me.