13 September 2008

someone out there helping

Not a single phone call, text message or email... hmm, well no matter. I am fine thanks. I did not happen to be on that train so I am fine. But others were not so lucky...

Dear M --

Yesterday afternoon, a Metrolink commuter train carrying 225 people collided with a freight train in the Chatsworth area of the San Fernando Valley, killing at least 23 and leaving at least 135 injured. Survivors have been rushed to several local area hospitals and many are in critical condition.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. The UCLA Blood and Platelet Center will be open Monday through Friday to accept blood donations. Healthy donors of all blood types are needed to donate blood. Appointments can be made by calling 310-794-7217 ext. 2. Contact the Red Cross at 800-RED-CROSS or visit www.redcross.org for other information about blood donation or ways you can help.

Thank you, and please keep your thoughts and prayers with the families and victims affected by this terrible tragedy.


Mitchell Schwartz
California State Director
Obama for America


Matilda said...

Do you travel by train? I'm glad you weren't in that accident... absolutely horrible. My thoughts and prayers are with the families.
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

Ok (A) I know you don't travel by train (B) It didn't make the NY Times or NYMag's Daily Intel so how the hell am I supposed to know! (C) If you had been hurt, I would expect a call from Matt or Auntie M!

Glad ur in 1 piece! xoxo

the girL said...

I have traveled by train - a dozen or more times!
But thank you anyway