06 September 2008

use the force

Once there was a role of film left on the kitchen counter with a note saying, "if you want to know what your dogs do while you are away develop this." We developed it...

Today after a long and very happy life, my first dog ever is being put to sleep.
Luc, you were a sweet and fun little puppy your whole life. Always up for anything us three girls put you through. Mushy will be lost without your lead. I love you buddy.
You are a good dog.


Matilda said...

A very sad day for you, your Mom, your Dad and your sissys... I'm thinking of you.
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

Darling, so sorry to hear about Luc. I remember Luc and Mushy from the few times I went to your house. :( All my love and comfort. R.I.P Luc.


Weena said...

I'm so sorry :(

I love those little dogs! You're right, Mushy will be so lost without Luc!

Love you tons!