25 September 2008

the hyper hypo

My Heart planned a day out for us last weekend that started with breakfast at a new little place we've been eyeing, included roller coasters and knee socks and ended with this discovery:

It was a virtual wonderland of candy! The bright, bold and colorful enticing the senses brought so much joy - I was literally a kid in a candy shop!

My favorites are probably the gummy bears (since I am a bear).

Or maybe this display case - it was gorgeous! I would have been happy with any one of these treats.

I loved the non-edible sugar they had too (reminds me of my days as Sugar). Maybe someone will surprise me with something...

Is it so wrong that I needed to see up her skirt???


In the end, My Heart found his favorites and so we took home a little sugar treasure of our own.

(Gummy Cokes)
(And thank you My Heart for lending me your precious iPhone to document this)


Matilda said...

YUM! How fun does that look?!
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

mmmmm....Matt has good taste in candy..."IIII want CANDY! GIVE ME SOME CANDY!!!!""""