27 April 2009

the vacancy cleaning

Super weird that my subject line on Friday was from the Golden Girls theme song and then this tragedy struck on Saturday. Maybe I was sensing something.

After taking the last of our stuff (except for the condiments) My Heart went and said his goodbyes to our dear Friend E (aka our landlord, aka Grandma E). Somehow they got to talking about how our apartment felt haunted and some of the weird shit that has gone down there. Apparently, a woman had committed suicide in Grandma E's apartment before she moved in. Her then young sons had reported seeing this woman in their home and so they became friends with her. Grandma E told My Heart of many other-worldly visitors she had encounter in her apartment over the years.

None of our experiences with said spirits were negative but they also never showed themselves to us (at least none of the humans - the cats seemed to enjoy them). I felt them more before My Heart moved in with me but it could have also been all in my mind since I was all alone in that big old apartment. Our new house is probably too new to have any of that kind of excitement attached to it. Although, the previous owner's wife died shortly after they bought the house together...

Don't know where I'm going with this, just thought I'd share. I did hit my head pretty hard on Saturday and haven't been right since.

One another note, the cherry blog has me wanting a pet pig!

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