24 April 2009

travelled down the road and back again

Tomorrow the movers come. Tonight I say goodbye.

I remember when we sold the house on Bula, how my Mom and I cried as we cleaned it's empty rooms for the very last time. It was like saying goodbye to an old family friend. Someone who put their arm around you in comfort every day for many years.

And now I must say goodbye to my sometimes beloved apartment. I have lived within it's comforting and suffocating walls for so long I'm almost afraid to know what it will feel like on the outside. Tonight I pour a glass of wine and toast to the new life ahead while shedding maybe a tear or two to the old life I leave behind.

Thanks for taking care of me all those years. You were a good friend. And I will miss you.


Matilda said...

You won't miss the apartment for too long.
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

I feel yah sister. You lived there a loooooong time. Onward and upwards!!!! Now you have a new home in which to make new memories! xoxo