08 April 2009

razor blades and hair dye

So I'm going to be a little more self absorbed than usual for a while. Forgive me if I take a step back from you and get lost in my new home. If you need me, reach out and I'll be here... you know how to find me. I need this time to focus on my good. Don't be hurt or angry because I am not. Also, if you're not happy for me because it's not fair - I understand. Life is not fair. But know this, I've worked and sacrificed to be where I'm at right now. Nothing came easy. So after all that time, that self hurt and pain I am here. And I am going to be happy. Maybe we just need this time away from one another. Maybe you'll start to miss me and then it won't feel so much like a tug of war. Thanks for everything. Take care. XOXO

Maybe this is all an excuse so I won't feel so hurt and/or angry.


Daniel Vasey said...

Is someone seriously busting your balls because you've found a measure of success and happiness? Screw them! I'm super proud of you and happy for you guys! xoxo

the girL said...

Thanks D
Love you

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more happier for you....love it, enjoy it and embrace it...the house the success, all of it, because you deserve it.

Matilda said...

You deserve all you have and more! Sending love across the ocean.