20 April 2009

hoot and holla back

I hope you all know that this Wednesday is Earth Day. And if you didn't before, you do now. This is also, according to Kenneth Cole, Volunteer Week. So let's do something good for ourselves and others this week!

Tia over at cLever girL goes bLog has a giveaway going on. She's got a super cute necklace from Polarity's shop on Etsy. It's made from pieces of cars! How's that for green?

I picked this necklace set as my favorite because I am in love with cephalopods:

But I'm also thinking of adding this to my shopping cart just because it's so cute:

I don't think I ever showed you guys this before but I had a piece custom made by dezforget on etsy a while back. I don't have photos of the actual piece made but she used this octopus and created a cuff-like bracelet. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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