23 April 2009

the love below

One of my sisters recently posted a couple of new photos on her rarely updated blog and I was envious of whatever she started shooting with. Turns out it's the Nikon D80 - the same camera My Heart got me for my 30th birthday!
So now I'm reinvigorated to start using my camera again. I've noticed how much more attractive my blog looks when there are images up so I want to try and make an effort to get some more of my own photos up here. Especially after seeing how crappy my blackberry photo of the cats in the crate looks next to these.
Another source of inspiration is the Fuji Instax camera that's been floating around our office this week. The mini polaroid looking photos are super fun and coming from the people here look pretty artsy. I'm thinking of getting one or maybe even an actual polaroid camera. What do you think?


Minn said...

I didn't know you have the D80. Awesome isn't it? Glad you like my little fotos!

Minn said...

Oh, and I have a Polaroid camera, but have you seen how expensive the film is? Soon all the stuff will be expired. Super fun, though.