14 April 2009

get out there and kick your heels

Some of you may have noticed that I have started using Twitter. I did this to try and help with the running of The Great Urban Race. It did not help but I'm still sending out my Tweets on a fairly regular basis. It's fun in a mini-blogging/facebook status kind of way. I follow and am followed by a random assortment of those I know, those that inform, and those that just wanna keep it interesting.
I ran across this blog post today. It was the gorgeous and amusing photos that initially capture my attention but what kept my interest is that she is following 3 different Karl Lagerfelds on Twitter! I'm going to start following them and her just for kicks. And her blog looks like it might be fun too.

Isn't it interesting that so much of our human interaction is limited to the latest in technology yet we interact with a limitless amount of humans because of this?

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