17 April 2009

cotton candy scent

Today was a 4 B Friday at werk:


I had 3 of the 4.

I went home at lunch to take the dage* to the vet for his rabies shot. When I got to the apartment to pick up Captain Little Bear, the little black cat was in the The Captain's crate just chillin'. Then when we got back after the appointment both the cats were in the crate together! I sent My Heart this photo of the 2 of them:

His response:
OMG! Those cats are such tricksters! They act like they all hate each other and then LB is all like, "yeah it's cool if you guys hang in my pad, just don't scratch anything. Hey Krunchy, we're still on for a fight at 8 o'clock right."

Damn cute animals.
What a great family we've turned into! I love those guys :-)

*We live in a neighborhood full of foreigners. Recently there was a missing dog poster up all over the place with a photo and a difficult to put together description. What I got out of it was they were missing their dage and wanted help finding it. Ever since, The Captain has been referred to as our dage.


Tina said...

We used to have two cats that looked exactly like these guys!! (i think i even have a picture somewhere similar to this!) wow!

the girL said...

i would love to see a picture! what were your cats' names?

thanks for stopping by!