15 April 2009

james and the giant peach too

My Mom works in the department of vital records. Seems like this is the place to be to run into random people from your past.

She once told me about the ex-boyfriend who came in for a birth certificate. She recognized him and then once she saw his name she knew who he was. He responded with something along the lines of, "oh, um... yea, I think I might have dated her." Which is just crazy bullshit because we absolutely dated and almost lived together and rescued a cat together - that I still have! What an asshole. He was also the ex that decided he needed to leave a package for me at the restaurant I worked at after we broke up. In said package, a pair of my undies I had left after leaving him. Really!? Did I mention he was an asshole?

Yesterday my Mom emailed that a teacher from our elementary school came in. Again she recognized him and once she saw his name, asked if he was a teacher. I had him for what we would consider home room in the 4th grade. Without my Mom telling him who she was, he remembered each one of us girls and in the order we were in his class. That was over 20 years ago!

Then I got to thinking about the 4th grade... what a great year. My teachers felt like they really cared that year and I think I had some awesome friends. (Everything might have started to go down hill from there.) So thank you Mr. Gaggi for reading us the BFG and Mrs. Burkin for reading us The Witches. Those memories are forever ingrained in my psyche. Oh, and thanks for being awesome. AK, you rocked your Micheal Jackson in the talent show. Just saying. Also, if you're looking down from somewhere... Thank you 4th grade BF AV for trading shoes with me and sharing your cough drops (and helping me cheat on math homework). Love you guys!


jane said...

hello the girl -

thanks for the comment on my blog! looks like we have some things in common. i am enjoying reading your blog.

have a great day.

- jane

Matilda said...

What an asshole that ex boyfriend is. and I can't believe you cheated on your math homework!!!!

the girL said...

you wanna know what's worse than cheating on your math homework?
cheating on a test in religion class by writing answers in your bible and then getting rewarded for having the highest score. i'm surely going to hell for that one :-{

Weena said...

Wanna know what's worse than that? Having your BFF make a copy of your business tests so you can look up all the answers before class! :)

And, I LOVE the BFG!!! One of my fave books!!!