21 April 2009

grounded floor plan #2

It's time for a change my dear friends and so it is that today, I am no longer surviving bLogohoLicism. I am a survivor. I am a bLogohoLic. And I am proud. I wanted to go a little bit broader with my name and actually narrow it down a bit at the same time. The title of this blog implies that I am blogging about blogging or blogs or something like that I guess. And although I do an occasional shout out to one of the many blogs I read that's not what this is about. Like most blogs, this is about me, the writer. So I'm changing it up. Today marks the day of the new, which is really the old.

Some of you may be curious as to the new name I have chosen but most of you will understand. In an ode to Gaggi and Burkin and the year I stood up to create my own identity I am going with who I know myself as now. This person that, at the age of 8, stood up and said, "I no longer want to be one of the many double L's!" Craving unique and indivuduality, it is only one L.

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