18 April 2008

you gotta have style like kanye

I am in love with the fact that today is FRIDAY! I feel rejuvenated. I feel energized. I feel like a new person. I am ready to face the world. I am ready to rock.

I don't know why I am so happy but for once in my life I might be looking forward to summer. I usually loathe the heat and the sun - I get depressed during this sort of weather rather than the cloudy and cold winter - but this year I've vowed to make it the summer of the tan. I know, I know... I vowed that last year yet my legs remained an effervescent white, blinding to the naked eye. Trust me, it is going to be different this year. I'm not going to run in paranoia, fearful of the big C. Nope, I'm going to embrace the sun and take it a step further... I am going to worship those rays and the healthy dose of Vitamin D they're providing. And it's already begun.

Tomorrow I'm going to Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach for their annual Earth Day celebration with Friend K. I plan on wearing a skirt or shorts and tank top for maximum sun exposure. Then next weekend My Heart and I head out to the dessert for Coachella. It's supposed to be 99 degrees on Saturday and 100 on Sunday. Whoo Hoo! Sun, here I come! Although I will be wearing sun screen and maybe a hat.

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