11 April 2008

happy to be home

Today Co-worker D pointed me in the direction of Golden Bridge where I enjoyed a delectable salad created by moi at Nite Moon Cafe. Completely vegan, completely delicious and just a short walk away. I sat quietly outside eating and reading. I think I've found my new lunch routine.

Friend G brought me this magazine today. He thought I would enjoy it, especially since it is their green issue. I love it and love that he knew I'd love it! But I guess that's what you get from a fellow welder (or at least someone with a desire to weld like my own).


nicknkaz said...

Hi Michelle, What a GREAT Read..It is so nice to see someone so grounded and enjoying life. Can't wait to see you in Australia! My blog is not as cool as yours but than again..I am over 40 lol... just kidding. And I have never eaten a red velvet cake of any kind..may now just have to find one and try it....chat soon :P Karen Nick Aliss and Blake down under

the girL said...

Thanks Karen! Looking forward to seeing you all soon... XOXO