19 April 2008

sweet dreams

I worked out hard tonight. Came home, took a shower and got into my comfy (new) robe (from Friend C - kinda) and slipped into my night. Had a dinner alone watching Gossip Girl (I think I'm all caught up and CAN NOT WAIT for the new episodes next week) and now, one too many glasses of wine in, I think I am going to bed. My Heart is with the boys driving up to Mammoth for the weekend. Be safe. Be happy. Love you...


Matilda said...

Hi M. Isn't it great to work out?! And Gossip Girl! I love it but I don't watch it consistantly so I'm a bit out of the loop there. We'll have more yummy wine for you when you are here!
Sending love across the ocean. Auntie M

Matilda said...

Hi Michele, doesn't it feel great to do a hard workout?! Mind you... didn't work out at all last week and not sure if I'll make it this week as I've had this weird headache for a while now.
I love Gossip Girl but I don't watch it regularly. Will have to see if I can get dvd's. Stay well. I'm sending love across the ocean.

the girL said...

Aunt M - So nice to see comments from you!
I've been working out with a great trainer the past month or so and I really love it.
I just got into Gossip Girl so I'm glad there's been some time for me to catch up before the new episodes start - can't wait.
Really looking forward to seeing you and enjoying a nice glass of Australian wine!
Love to you