03 April 2008

get out yer batons

Is today my birthday and someone forgot to tell me?

I decided I would treat myself to a manicure at lunch today. I know, I know... you're all wondering what happened to the girl you know and love because she would never go get a manicure at lunch or ever for that matter.
Well, my nails were getting long and hadn't been dealt with in a while so instead of cutting them I got a manicure. And they're now a lovely shade of light purple. Very spring. Very girly.
While walking to the nail place I decided to call My Heart to tell him I love him. He said he was out getting a sandwich but when I inquired further he admitted that he was lying and was really on a surprise mission.
Half an hour later while still sitting in the nail salon my phone rings and it's My Heart. He's at my office but I'm not there! He decides to come by the salon instead.
Low and behold the sweetest man in the world shows up with the sweetest treat... My Beloved Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes (and chocolate and vanilla)!!!
So sweet right. But it doesn't end there...
When I got back to my office my print from Hide n Seek was sitting on my desk in the most gorgeous packaging you have ever seen. Nobody takes this much care or pride in sending goods out these days. Beautiful brown paper with lovely print all wrapped up nicely with a red bow. And not only was the print I ordered in there but a hand written letter from the artist and a couple of extra goodies from her.
What a special day. Thank you me, thank you Eloise, thank you My Heart. I feel very loved today. :o)

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