22 April 2008

a complete physical

Perfect Puppy Academy class was way better last night than it was the first night. So not only can our dog beat up your dog but he can also out spell him. Go Captain!

I'm sick - again - maybe for the 5th or so time this year. What is up!?

Today is Earth Day. Happy Day Earth! I am only running a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb in my office today. I am not using paper products today. Oh wait, I do that every day! I should have taken the bus to work.

I've got some projects going on for Disney at work these days. I like work.

I'm sipping on Yerba Mate like always. Yum.

I need to call my sister to:
A) Tell her we changed our flight and it now lands directly in the Springs
B) See if she can pick us up or if we should rent a car
C) Let her know that The Captain will be with us
D) Confirm her address (for a puppy health certificate)

I wore converse to work today.

Benihana with the girls was fun but could have been more fun. We did see Brian Austin Green when we left and he looked kind of pissed off. Whatever.

I ate chicken at lunch :-(

I created a bucket list. Maybe I'll share with you all some day.

I'm going to run out for a few minutes. Bye.


Matilda said...

You need regular chiropractic care...I tell you... you will be sick less often... I promise.
Who is Brian Austen Green and why did he look pissed off? Give your sisters a HUGE hug from me and from Uncle Peter too! I love your blog... I love you. Auntie M

the girL said...

My Heart has been doing regular chiropractic care and he's been getting sick too! He NEVER used to get sick :-(
Brian Austin Green is an actor that used to be on 90210 and just seemed like he was in a bad mood, don't know why.
Glad you like the blog!!!