08 April 2008

la la la human step

This amazing company has a new production "Amjad" which we went to see Saturday night at UCLA's Royce Hall.
I was mesmerized. I guess that wasn't the case for 1/3 of the audience since they walked out. Jerks.

C & J had a going away party on Friday night which I went to without My Heart (he was rocking out at a Les Claypool show). I was a social butterfly. It was fun and I didn't get home until 3am - so unlike me! Have fun in Australia ladies... wish I was going with.

Took The Captain for an evaluation at Bow Wow Bungalow (doggy day care) and he passed with flying colors. Whoo Hoo!!! Now we can take him there during the day to play his little brains out while mom and dad are working. Though we do love our dog walker (thank you Mitch@City Pets) and will still have her take him out on most days.


Daniel Vasey said...

Wow...very cool Mich!


the girL said...

Glad someone can appreciate it as much as I did. Can always count on Daniel to have taste! ;-)