06 February 2009

with the glass slipper

*This was started on Friday but I got busy and so it was finished today - which is Monday 2.9.09

Yesterday we officially did not get the house we put the offer and counter off in on.
Yesterday while watching 2 of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty, I realized I will never live in NYC.
Yesterday was a sad day.
But I have grieved for my losses and today I am moving on.
The house was perfect. The mix of 1937 character and charm with all the desires of a current home. The kitchen was flawless, the eggplant colored dining room right up our alley, everything added up to what both of us were looking for. However, it was not meant to be. The doctors outbid us by $20,000 - something way beyond our means.
In my mind, New York is the better of the two. I have often dreamed of living on each coast to find out which suits me best. The West Coast was much more easily attained after college so once that diploma was in hand I headed straight to LA. I always thought there would be time. NYC was this mysterious woman just waiting to sweep me off my feet. My fond memories of her brought back by watching the episodes of my favorite shows whose characters keep company with this mistress. The last time I was there whispering in my mind with seduction. Remembering the feeling of the street against my espadrilles and the taste of Two Boots Pizza after a couple of drinks with friends.
So I woke up today and realized that I am done mourning what never was mine. I am now rejoicing in what I am blessed with. So good bye what was not lost. Hello to my lovely lovely life. Because today I love LA and tomorrow we're going to find the house that was meant to be.


jane said...

i liked this.
what is it about nyc that does that? i have those same thoughts.
thanks for adding me to your latest list!
i think it will work out with the house thing.

the girL said...

Hi Jane!
Nice to see you here... you've been on the list for a while, it just got updated.