18 February 2009

this is for the team

Emily #1
Emily #1 - by theblogoholicgirl on Polyvore.com

Emily #2
Emily #2 - by theblogoholicgirl on Polyvore.com

So yes, Friend AE, you can mix espresso and white furniture in your new baby's room and have it look gorgeous with your yellow walls. These are just a couple of quick ideas I had but if you want any real help I'm ALWAYS here for you! XOXO

I wasn't sure what color your chair is since I couldn't find slate on the Pottery Barn website so I tried a blue and a stone color.


Aimee said...

You are FANTASTIC!! So sweet and thoughtful! And some great ideas!
Love you!!!

Summer said...

Too cute. :D

Weena said...

I need your decorating expertise! One of the bathrooms in Gramma's house has this horrible silver and gold wallpaper in it. Since I can't afford to replace it right now, I need to work with it. I was thinking of all white accessories (to downplay the metallics) and re-creating the Prada Marfa logo like they have in GG. Thoughts???