12 February 2009

they call them 100s & 1000s

Yesterday's blog title was a lie... I mean, who doesn't love their donuts vegan!? I don't even like donuts but I love me some vegan ones... guess that's not the case for die hard donut fans.

Every Tuesday we have a finishing meeting that includes eating donuts (this tradition started long before I did).
At the conclusion of that meeting we pick a movie opening the coming weekend.
Once the movie is agreed upon (usually something we've worked on) we all submit secret ballots with the amount of money we think it will make for opening weekend.
If you are the furthest from the actual number than you're the unlucky bastard who has to drive to a donut shop before work and pick up a dozen for the next Tuesday meeting.
He who is closest gets immunity the next week (we had to do something Survivor style).
Sometimes the people complain that we always have the same donuts - they want to mix it up a bit. But trust me, the people don't really like change. And you know what, I don't really like donuts!
Sometimes there is nothing worth voting on so The Captain usually takes it upon himself to bring the donuts. Last week I decided to relieve The Captain of his duties because I had a surprise in mind (I should have remembered the people don't really like change).
Daily Candy introduced me to Dee and her donuts... her vegan donuts. So I went half an hour out of my way and stood in line to pick up something new, something different. I even added a half dozen order of vegan cinnamon rolls to my dozen donuts order and it wasn't cheap! While some people were pleasant about them, others kept their mouths shut and still others complained freely. See what happens when you try to introduce change? The same people who asked for it, revolt! Well, I don't care because the only way I like my donuts is vegan.

(Image Courtesy of Dee's Bakery & Donuts Website)


Troy said...

Not donut related, but every time I see the photo in your right sidebar, it reminds me of Flight of the Navigator. And I just had to share.

the girL said...

I just removed all my photos but I will probably be putting them back up in slide show format soon. That photo is from the bean in Chicago's Millennium Park.

Matilda said...

I don't like donuts... maybe I like them, but I don't eat them.