11 February 2009

nobody likes vegan donuts

It's been raining here and I absolutely love it. What I don't love is that my pants and shoes end up all wet before my day has even really started. But of course, to find rain boots in LA during rainy season is all but impossible unless you want icky ones. So I went online and ordered some from none other than Target. My Heart didn't want me to spend too much since we are pinching pennies for our home purchase right now. But I did just win $500 on the office Super Bowl squares final score. So my indulgence is this...

Only set me back $24.99 so I also bought these tall plain black...

I like these for a more everyday sort of use... and they only set me back $24.99 as well! God Bless Target

(Side Note: I ordered these online and I ordered the wrong size - don't ask - so I called customer service and they were amazing! They fixed it in a matter of minutes and with a smile. Just another reason to shop at Target)

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Matilda said...

Cute rain boots! Send some of that rain here. The fires are still burning. The death toll is close to 200 but I'm sure when it's all done, it will exceed that... it's devastating. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Yay to you for winning $$ - how fun! Save the rest for the house. Good luck with the house...fingers crossed. I'm keeping you in my prayers.
Sending love across the ocean.