18 December 2008

forget me not forgetful

The puppy bomb went off again (when am I going to learn!?). This time it destroyed my glasses. So I got new ones...

(Ted Baker Sunset)

These are the new ones. My old ones were very similar. They were a darker purple like this but these also have a green color on one side. It's hard to tell because they are so dark but trust me, they are green and purple.

Oh, and remember the last thing the puppy bomb destroyed? Well, I hated the replacements and sent them back. Still looking for the perfect sandal but luckily it's not urgent seeing as how it's winter and all.


Matilda said...

Have you learned yet? Maybe that's why I don't have a puppy... those puppy bombs?! Naaaaa, that's not why.

Anonymous said...

Very nice looking glasses