22 December 2008

but i was never a contender

I love the theater. It feels so alive and in turn makes me feel alive as if being in the audience really makes me a part of it. It oftentimes brings me to tears I am so moved by it's sincerity. Never is that more so than when I personally know someone performing on the stage.
When I was in the 8th grade a friend was the lead in Annie at the Pikes Peak Center. I saw her in that production at least 2 times and cried through every show. At that time not really understanding what had come over me and a bit embarrassed by it all.
On Friday My Heart and I went to see a friend perform as George Bailey in a local production of It's Wonderful Life. He was fantastic and the performance was heart wrenching. I think it only took all of 3 minutes before the waterworks started. I cried throughout the entire show. Sure it was partially the story and because it was the theater atmosphere in general but mainly it was because Friend J was on the stage and he brought it. Just like Annie all those years ago.


Matilda said...

I have tears in my eyes just reading what you wrote!!!!
I love you!

Daniel Vasey said...

Ahhhh...you're such a sweetie! I saw Thais at the Met simulcast here in Santa Fe on Saturday and balled my eyes out too...fab

P.S. I received your Xmas card which was very fab too. Happy Xmas to you and Matt and Aunt M. XOXO, D