17 December 2008

sex scene stand in

Ok, so they were like professional grade actors (one flown in from Toronto) working on this short film of Friend S's. Professional grade actors who do not stand around and do what the DP or AD or Director is telling them to do while they set up the shot. No, professional grade actors have a rehearsal and then the real thing. None of the bullshit of walking through the motions so the lighting and the camera position are just right. No, of course not. That would be the PA's job. My job.
Shot One: I push male stand in onto bed, close door behind me, stumble to bed, climb on top of him... and sit there. I think we did this one about a dozen times.
Shot Two: I am straddling male stand in on the bed... lie down, sit up, lie down, sit up, lie down... sit up... This one lasted maybe 20 minutes or so because the art department had to be called in to dress the set behind us.
Fully clothed. Didn't have to speak or make any sounds. Just went through the basic movements. Male stand in was super nice about the awkward situation but it was still slightly uncomfortable. Like I said, anything for a friend... well, almost anything.


Daniel Vasey said...

mmmm....sexsy!!!!! lol

Matilda said...

Yes, I agree withn DV... sexy!!!!
DV hope you are well... Chele, see you soon!
Sending love across three States (or is it two?).