08 December 2008

jodi's got nothing but mustard

There's this show we're doing some work on and being intrigued by what I was seeing I went ahead and I watched the 11 episodes we have available to us right now just to see what it was like. I thought I might like it because it has the word teenage in the title and I love anything teenage.

It's hard to explain exactly what it was like. A little preachy. A little racy. A little over the top. A little boring (but I still watched everything I could get my hands on). Early adolescence colliding with adulthood. It's scary and cheesy. A young girl finds herself pregnant after her first sexual experience with the drummer from the school band who's now sleeping with school slut but trying to hook up with the school crazy Christian who's football player boyfriend slept with the school slut after his girlfriend started wearing a promise ring but not to worry because one of the nice guys loves the pregnant girl and wants to marry her. Huh? Exactly.

The best thing about the show is the Sausage King. This rich, widowed, jolly father of the boy who loves the pregnant girl. He seems to always have this keen wisdom on every situation whether it involves said teenagers or their parents. My favorite thing out of the Sausage King's mouth so far, "Just live with it." So profound yet so simple. Thank you Sausage King, you are right yet again.

Think about it people...

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Matilda said...

I caught the last part of the ad for this program... didn't even get the title of it...but I'm like you...like teenage stuff. Hope you are well... sending love a couple of States away!!!!!